groupEast Coast Asset Recovery, LLC offers computer and electronics recycling and remarketing solutions to businesses, municipalities and individuals seeking to dispose of unwanted or otherwise obsolete technology. Our goal is to provide our services free of charge, for the past nearly ten years we have succeeded.

Through strategic partnerships with domestic refineries coupled with our high volume of goods affords us the unique opportunity to provide our professional service at no charge, remain profitable and without compromising our procedures and proper handling of materials.

Unlike our competition who charge a recycling fee and a host of other fees only to again profit from the sale of the materials collected we feel that is fundabmentally wrong. Our competition also boasts that if you aren't paying for recycling then its not being handled in an environmentally sound manner. While this new industry is littered with those who would cut corners at the cost of the environment for their own benefit it is not true for all those who do not charge for their services, we are proof of that.

We continue to strive for new heights, refine our process and explore new ideas to better our service offerings to our customers. It's our continued focus on our customers that has and will always be our success.

What began as a problem for our company has quickly become a problem for every company. Not only corporations have these problems but small businesses as well as consumers. Our increased demand for computers, electronics and their quick turnover has caused this problem to grow at an alarming rate. With government slow to respond it has been left mostly to the private sector to police itself and this has left large gaps in policy, procedure and proper handling of materials. Some still throw equipment in the trash, others leave it on a curb and hope that someone takes it away. Cities and towns transfer stations for the most part will not accept computers or other electronic devices with still others who are throwing e-waste in hoppers with household garbage only to end up in landfills.


When you choose East Coast Asset Recovery, LLC you can rest assured that your project will be handled promptly, professionally and environmentally friendly. Together we can make the world a better place.