groupEquipment that our customers have can be evaluated at any time to see if there is any market value. We will do a comprehensive analysis to see if your equipment fits into the market place.

More often than not equipment that we receive has little or no value as the price of new technology continues to decrease at faster rates. This leaves most goods without any secondary market.

There are however some types of equipment which retain a residual value for longer in the market place.

For example, Digital equipment, Cisco equipment, Sun equipment and other networking or telecom gear retains value much longer than an every day consumer product.

We have a large consortium of trusted brokers that we have sustained long relationships with exceptional payment histories who we work with to identify potential value of any equipment that is identified for remarketing.

Once an offer is made we will request an approval from the owner of the equipment if necessary and conduct a sale of equipment. Payments are usually made within 30 days of the point of sale.


Because of our years of experience in most cases we can immediately identify whether equipment has any value in the marketplace. If equipment is not remarketed it will be slated for recycling. In rare instances we will hold equipment inventory without a buyer. This is only done at the customer's request. We typically hold product for no longer than 90 days.