Just because your technology has reached end of life doesn't mean it doesn't have value.
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For over 15 years we have provided free E-Cycling services including pickup to public schools all over the northeast saving cities and towns the high costs associated with end of life cycle projects.  We will guide you from start to finish. 


Have a gently used tablet or smart phone no longer in use?
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East Coast Asset Recovery

We are a leading ITAD and E-Cycling company.

For nearly 20 years we have assisted hundreds of clients large and small by creating flexible solutions to properly dispose of end of life technology assets while meeting client goals.  Our solutions include asset retirement, data destruction, logistics, audit scanning and management.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive ITAD and E-Cycling solutions to businesses and municipalities and service the entire northeast.

E-Waste Collection
We provide onsite e-waste collection services to businesses and municipalities.
Recycling Services
All recycled materials are processed at a state certified and licensed processor.
Zero Landfill Initiative
By transforming waste into valuable resources we keep 100% of processed materials out of landfills.
Audit Scans
Our proprietary software solution is customizable providing necessary data to our clients including asset retirement and more.
Innovative Solutions
Solutions for today, tomorrow and beyond.
Our solutions provide a path that eliminates exhausting resources or negative impacts on the environment.
Tons of E-Waste Produced Yearly
Tons of Mobile Phone Waste Produced Yearly
Tons of Television Waste Yearly
Tons of E-waste Recycled Yearly

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